Some of my new logos

One of my summer projects has been working with a graphic designer. We collaborated on creating logos. With these logos specific templates are being designed that can be used for a business card, bookmark, flyer, social media, etc. The process of working with her has been helpful to me for a variety of reasons. In particular, for the first time I’ve found a way to represent myself that identifies with more than eating disorders, but doesn’t neglect them.

Originally, I played around with two separate sets of terms for my logo. For the first set, I thought about combining “author” and “teacher,” but that seemed too serious to describe me! That is why, more recently, I added the creative “artist” to my title, so I am now “Author, Teacher, Artist.” For the second set of terms, I chose words to clarify the approach I wanted to incorporate in the design, and to encompass the message in my work as a writer, presenter, movement instructor, potential massage therapist/esthetician, etc. I brainstormed a list including “beauty,” “environment,” “health,” “lifestyle,” “spirituality,” “wellness,” and others. I was originally going to combine “environment” with “body” and “healing,” but as such came out too long and potentially complicated. Anyways, if somebody is into “body & healing,” which is what I selected, they are most likely aware and into the environment too, hence my decision to include green in the design.

For the colors I selected not only green, but also orange and purple. I thought about what these colors mean to me on a high level, and they evoke depth when combined. I also considered blue and red alongside yellow. But blue is already so popular, red is personally quite intense, yellow can be hard to see and, actually, is already special as the main color of my first book cover. I also enjoy the combination of pink and silver, but these seemed a little fancy, and perhaps too girl-oriented; the font is elegant/fun instead.

After the designer and I talked, she developed images representative of my ideas and what we discussed. I decided on the design of three blended stripes, which somewhat resembles the qualities of a shooting star. I also considered the image of a fish or dolphin. Even though my take with the designer was totally unique, fish and dolphin are already famously recognized in other forms, such as sports mascots, recreational parks or restaurants. I wanted a symbol that is gentle and meaningful yet didn’t make someone immediately think of a popular association when they saw it. The designer also developed a uniquely shaped box that includes my initials, LSY, traced in white.

At this point we’re still working on the business card, so nothing is completely final yet. I will be in charge of the printing, and the designer is providing suggestions, so I’m getting excited to begin carrying these around, because then I’ll no longer have to explain myself through cards that include the term “eating disorder,” although if anorexia nervosa is something I want to bring up upon first meeting someone, that’s fine too!









California, Maryland, Florida, Colorado and more…

Well, I finally turned in a revised galley. I began my initial design/publishing process in October 2013 and am satisfied, honestly, with everything since then. The cover is complete. Hence, late September, October or even early November 2014 should be good timing for my book to be ready/available. I already have several upcoming events lined up for Sick and additional in process but am eager to share my new fiction book regarding romance and relationships. It’s going to be weird, I think, not having this second book to come back to; I have trained myself to be so focused and almost reliant on the process of working through it. I’m hoping not to start a third book right away so that I can get out without thinking about writing more, but will happily continue blogging and doing articles.

This year is going to be really busy! Three quarters of next month I will be in Washington, DC area training, giving talks and teaching. I will visit again in December related to a trip to Florida. Before summer 2015 I would also like to visit a couple places in Colorado because there are several schools there I am curious about. I remember going to Boulder on our move to San Diego in 2001. I liked it. I would miss the ocean a lot, but the programs I am interested in are quite special and from what I can gage at this point not much like them is available elsewhere. For instance, if go forward with adding esthetician to my repertoire, they have unique, holistic schools. However if I decide to move forward with massage that can be done locally. So there is quite a difference but I want this badly enough at least to compare fairly. It really isn’t about rushing to get certified or licensed because I already have other skills; I want where I go to be what’s most healing.

For transitioning reasons, summer has seemed stressful but I’ve also done some great things for myself and, just this week, met a couple new and supportive people. In the meantime I aspire to be out of my childhood troubles and comfortable with or without that version of myself. I also don’t want to get stuck in relationships where sharing my feelings is prohibited at worst, strangely odd at best. Part of me wants to make the most of prior affiliations, another part just wants the relief of things being over that I never got a chance to appreciate as complete. I’m getting less sensitive on the topic of eating disorders and feeling grateful that sharing my own experiences is helping people.