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In Sick, Laura recounts her experiences with OCD and anorexia nervosa. Sick is a book on eating disorders like no other, including a special section with input from various health practitioners and healing exercises. Available through Scribd, Amazon, Barnes and NobleBalboa Press.

Learn about the unique methods Laura currently instructs as a movement teacher. She holds a degree in health promotion from American University (class of 2012, summa cum laude) and worked for six years as a certified personal trainer. Sessions available for all ages/experience levels. Contact LYochelson@gmail.com.

~ Events and Media ~


Interview on Back Porch Writer (Nov. 18)


Laura’s author page


Author talk at San Marcos Library with teen program, listed in San Diego Reader (Oct. 9)

A Visit from Eating Disorder Author Laura Yochelson* in The Globe (Sep. 29)

Author talk in women’s health at Montgomery College Germantown (Sep. 18)

Self-care and eating disorders piece at flurtmag.com (Aug. 14)

Author talk at North University Community Library (Aug. 12)

Author talk at Cardiff Library as part of Speaker Series (Jul. 17)

DreamCatcher feature at helloperfect.com (Jul. 2014)

Author talks at Del Mar Library (May 17 and 18)

Professional logo, design and materials (late spring – winter)

Mention in American University Magazine class notes (April)

Author talk at Glimpse Living (Mar. 21)

Sharing Sick in Beutiful Magazine (Mar. 17)

Author talk at Soulscape Gift and Bookstore (Mar. 4)

First bookmark and poster (Feb. – Mar.)

Interview on Empowered: A Young Woman’s Guide to Staying Smart and Staying Healthy for Life with Jordyn Goodman via LA Talk Radio (Jan. 7)


Networking at Fitness Together (Dec. 13)

Interview in rebellesociety.com (Nov. 23)

In The Name Of Being Well, I Made Myself Sick in The Globe (Sep. 21)

Author talk in women’s health at Montgomery College Germantown (Sep. 10)

Author talk in women’s bodies and sexuality at SDSU (Aug. 6)

Networking with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, acupuncturist, dance instructor, etc. (Jul.)

Interview with Coach TMB (Jun. 27)

Interview on Empowered: A Young Woman’s Guide to Staying Smart and Staying Healthy for Life with Jordyn Goodman via Adrenaline radio (Jun. 26)

Interview with Katie Gordon bodywork and nutrition via tele-seminar (Jun. 17)

Energy Healing and Body Image with Lizette Ayala (Jun. 15)

Blog tour kick-off (Jun. 12)

Interview with Rock Fit  (May 30)

Interview on Hay House Radio (aired Friday’s in May) + press release, “Fresh Picks” e-mail and feature on balboapress.com

Author talk at Transform Holistic Healing and Wellness (Apr. 27)

Interview in Elephant Journal (Apr. 25)

Author talk in community-based block counseling program at SDSU (Apr. 17)

Interview in Washington Times Communities (Apr.16)

Included in Leading Edge Review (Apr.)

Author video released (Mar. 21)

Beginnings in Therapy on Awen Therapy Blog (Mar. 1)

Author talk in women’s health at Montgomery College Germantown Campus where Sick was selected as required reading (Feb.  9)

Author talk in women’s health at George Washington University (Feb. 14)

Author talk in women’s health at American University (Feb. 12)

Author talk in strategies in stress reduction at American University (Feb. 4)

Additional mention(s) in Lisa W. Rosenberg’s “Writings on Body Image and Identity”


Interview in Rohan7Things (Dec. 11)

Author talk in women’s health at Montgomery College Germantown (Dec. 4)

Interview with young adult author Lisa Orchard (Dec. 3)

Sick: In The Name Of Being Well, I Made Myself Sick is released (Nov. 15)

Graduated from American University (May)

Letter to the Editor in The Washington Post (May 11)

Interview with young adult author Lisa Orchard (Apr. 4)

Featured member in IDEA Health and Fitness Journal (Mar.)

The Outdoor Beyond Bounds Workout in Washingtonian Magazine Well + Being Blog (Sep. 5)

Mentioned by award-winning poet Sandra Beasley on her blog and selected by her as guest poster (Jan. 30)


Interviewed for Eating disorders and the college food scene in The Washington Post (Apr. 12)


First published review in The San Diego Union-Tribune (Sep. 18, 2004)

Laura continued to be featured in “Rated G” until the summer before college, in addition to gaining experience writing for the high school paper. Two and a half years later, she started writing a book.

*This article referred to Sick as best-selling but Laura can’t qualify it as that. Also, her age in Sep. 2014 was 25, not 23. The bottom states she is a certified personal trainer; she was at the time of Sick’s publication.

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